A New Health Adventure

So, my youngest daughter and I are embarking on a juice fast.  We are aiming for 10 days.  If, at the end of 10 days, we feel better, we will shoot for a longer goal.  I am hoping that this fast can rid me of my cravings for carbs and help to cure my addiction to food.  I am also hoping that it helps her to learn to make better food choices and enjoy eating healthier.

I won’t lie.  I also pray that I can lose a fair amount of weight doing this, as well.

I have been thinking for a while that my eating habits and my obesity are sinful.  That they are in direct opposition to what God wants for me.  I am nowhere near the condition that He created me to be in.  I am fat, unhealthy, depressed, disgusted.  I am being further convicted that it is interfering with my spiritual health, as well.  So, during this fast, I will also be seeking God and His will for my life in all areas.

I will be chronicling my journey, so hopefully it’s eye-opening for someone.  If not eye-opening, at the very least, I pray it’s entertaining.

Down the hatch!



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