Christmas Spirit

I’ve been thinking about Christmas over the last 2 days. My mom and I may not have a great relationship now, but I remember she always made Christmas such a magical part of our year, even though we had very little money. The tradition of making cookies, decorating the tree, driving around to see Christmas lights, singing Christmas carols with the tree being the only light in the room, building suspense. John and I just finished watching Polar Express, and the part toward the end where the poor little boy got off the train and walked into his house and came running out all excited about Santa having been there made me weepy. Brought back the feelings and memories of the pure joy of Christmas morning. I fear that I failed to instill those types of memories in my kids. I fear that I never truly gave them the gift of Christmas. My advice to all you young parents or those who plan on being parents is this… Please make the Christmas season special for your kids. It doesn’t mean tons of money and gifts. It means creating memories and showing them the joy of the birth of Christ.


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