Infidelity and Popular Culture

I finally just start watching Grey’s Anatomy.  Big mistake!  Good show, but lots of triggery moments for me.  The show’s protagonist starts the series off by sleeping with her married “superior”.  Admittedly, she was initially unaware, but even when she was enlightened, she continued the relationship.  As the series goes on, there are more people sleeping with people in other relationships or married people sleeping with people who aren’t their spouse.

There are many movies and television shows that portray the “star crossed lovers” as being someone to root for.  They present it in such a way that they make the betrayed spouse the bad guy, so all you want is for the lover to win the wayward spouse.  I was just listening to the radio and Jennifer Nettles has a song out called “I Can’t Unlove You”.  It’s about a married woman in love with a married man and how they can never be truly together due to their responsibilities.  I’m thinking she’s been the other woman, since she had another hit song from that perspective called “Stay”, which was hugely popular.  Both songs make you want the poor lover to have her man, because her heart is broken.  Well, I don’t want her to.  I want her to choke on it, but whatever.  You know what I mean.

How did we, as a society, get to the point that not only do we condone infidelity, but we are bordering on outright encouraging it?  How have we gone so far that we root for the betrayed spouse’s ultimate heartbreak?  Why have we thrown marital sanctity out the window?  Vows are not made to be broken.  A marriage is meant for forever.  Not until it gets difficult.

I saw a meme on Facebook that showed a picture of an elderly married couple.  The meme said something about them coming from a time when, when something is broken, you fix it.  You don’t just throw it away.

I think that is part of the problem here.  We have become a disposable, instant gratification society.  Everything can be replaced.  Everyone can be replaced.  I truly believe we need to get back to seeing the value in everything and everyone.  And marriage has a value that is priceless.  It is the world’s example of Christ and the church.  That relationship should always be protected.  Marriage has the ability to right the ship.  If we fight to keep Christ at the center of our marriage, then no evil can separate us.  No evil is worth losing that marital relationship and no evil is worth losing our relationship with Christ.  Maybe if we view those relationships in the same light, our world might be a better place.  Our kids would learn what it looks like to fight to restore what is broken.  Fight to hold onto what is right and good and true.  Fight to rejoice in the wife of their youth.  Even unto death.

I think we need to find a way to let Hollywood to know that romanticizing infidelity is only further destroying our nation’s families, and we won’t stand for it.  Infidelity is wrong.  I don’t care if you think you’re the “special case”.  You’re not.  Nobody is.


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