Why I shaved

This is my husband. I am so blessed. I pray this gives hope to someone going through the anguish of infidelity.

Plucked from the Pit


I was recently asked why I shaved.  I simply said I wanted change.  Truth be told, it was so much more.   For years, I had been wandering.  I forgot who I was.  I forgot the reasons I had married my wife.   I had began to think I was a psychopath, I no longer had empathy.  I had no interest in religion, no interest in God and no interest in being what God called me to be.  I had a boss tell his boss that I had serious personalities issues.  I’ve been fired, I’ve been humiliated and I’ve been attacked.  I started to separate myself from family.  I was filled with selfishness, anger and hurt.  In all of this, I allowed the demons within me to define me, to defeat me, to hold me in the pit.  Shackled to my own demise.  The chains clanged loudly to remind me with each…

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