Grand Gestures…

While watching an episode of Gossip Girl (yes, I admit it), there was a running theme of the grand romantic gesture.  Sadly, I think that grand romantic gestures are viewed as unnecessary in our current culture.

I BEG TO DIFFER!!johncusak

Every woman, young lady, teenage girl, and young girl all dream and fantasize about the love of her life planning, in exquisite detail, an event of such epic proportions and sappy romance, that it brings tears to her eyes.  She looks on with her heart swelling in her chest up into her throat.  Her hands shake, her smile barely contained, in awe of the magnitude of his love for her, as evidenced by publicly making a spectacle to be envied and admired by all her acquaintances and everybody on social media.  He never gives a clue as to the fact that he is planning anything.  He puts endless thought and care into learning what she would love.  What would speak to her heart.  And in accomplishing this feat, he screams to the world, “This is the woman I love.  The woman who deserves all this and more.  I would give her the world if I could.”  propose2

This is why grandiose marriage proposals are so popular.  Some women are a little more high maintenance than others.  But all women want to feel that their man appreciates, loves, and is proud of them.  Proud to tell everyone that she belongs to him.

Men, I promise you, there is always that hidden desire for the grand romantic gesture in your woman’s life.  It lifts her heart.  These never ever ever go out of style.  Just pick the one that is right for your honey.  You know her best.  They don’t necessarily have to be hugely public, just huge for her.  Something above and far beyond the norm.  Romance that woman of yours!!!loveletter


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