Crocheting an afghan takes time, patience, a little bit of skill, and a lot of desire.  Much like anything else worth doing.  You start with laying down a base or a starter row.  It’s a foundation.  Something to build on.  You work a few rows in a sitting.  At the beginning, it doesn’t look like much.  All you can think is that it is going to take forever to get to the finished product.  And yet, you are excited to get to that end.

Then comes the middle.  You begin to lose your desire, your motivation, your patience.  It loses its appeal.  You can think of a million other things you could be doing.   There are times when you feel it would be a better use of your time to sit and watch some paint dry or maybe some grass grow.  You focus on just how long you still have to go to get to the finished product.  This is the point that most people quit.  They just throw in the towel and give up.  This doesn’t just apply to crocheting.  It applies to everything worth doing in life.  Losing weight, salvaging a marriage, building a business,

Everything is built in sections, small pieces.  (Small being relative.) A brick wall is built with a base layer.  Mortar and bricks are added small bits at a time, requiring patience and skill, until eventually, the finished wall is complete.  The strength of the wall is determined largely by the foundation.  The construction of an afghan is determined largely by the foundation.  The strength of a marriage is determined largely by its foundation.  If you start the creation of anything, using a good, solid, strong foundation, it’s easier to recognize when there are any flaws along the way.  When working that afghan and you slip a stitch or make a couple wrong stitches, it’s easier to see the mistake, when the foundation is straight and solid.  It’s easier to go back and fix it.  If the foundation is shaky, it can be more difficult to see when your stitches (actions) are becoming shaky.  Then, when you don’t immediately recognize the bad stitches, you continue to craft more bad stitches, thereby compounding the ugliness, weakening its integrity.

That is the bad news.  The good news?  You can fix it!  It takes a lot of work, patience, desire, and grace, but it certainly can be done.  You have to tear it down to the foundation.  See exactly where it went wrong.  You have to recognize the flaws and commit to rebuild.  Lay that strong foundation.  Take your time and do it right.  Build your afghan/body/marriage/business/whatever with love and care and purpose.  Have a plan and follow it.  Have faith and follow it.

When you get to that middle part, the boring part, the rough part, the slow part, the hard part, the frustrating part…..  DO NOT QUIT!!  Instead of looking at how far you have to go, look at how far you have come.  Look at that beautiful foundation.  Look at those beautiful stiches.  One by one, action by action, decision by decision, you are building something wonderful.  Everything big and beautiful and strong is built by hundreds, thousands, millions of single little things.

Build something beautiful and strong.  But first, start with that strong and solid foundation.


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