Cracking the Code: 7 Ideas That Would Have Saved My Marriage

Originally posted by Mustbethistalltoride   Sobbing wives write me all the time, desperate for answers. “I just read your posts and cried all the way through. Thank you for understanding me. How is it that you seem to get it but my husband can’t?” The most frequently asked question I get is: “How do I … More Cracking the Code: 7 Ideas That Would Have Saved My Marriage

You Deserve It

Your spouse doesn’t do the things you want. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to treat yourself. You work so hard. You deserve to relax. You have been so good on your diet. You deserve that piece of cheesecake. You never do anything for yourself. You deserve to buy that expensive thing. You put … More You Deserve It

Grand Gestures…

While watching an episode of Gossip Girl (yes, I admit it), there was a running theme of the grand romantic gesture.  Sadly, I think that grand romantic gestures are viewed as unnecessary in our current culture. I BEG TO DIFFER!! Every woman, young lady, teenage girl, and young girl all dream and fantasize about the love … More Grand Gestures…


Crocheting an afghan takes time, patience, a little bit of skill, and a lot of desire.  Much like anything else worth doing.  You start with laying down a base or a starter row.  It’s a foundation.  Something to build on.  You work a few rows in a sitting.  At the beginning, it doesn’t look like … More Foundations