Tell Them

As I sit next to the hospital bed of my youngest child, something occurred to me.  I fear that I too often take my loved ones for granted. I adore this child. She makes me laugh, she makes me angry, she makes me think, she challenges me, and tonight, she makes me cry.  I look at her in that bed and realize how close I came to losing her. I fear that she doesn’t know how I admire her tenacity, her determination, her logic. How I sometimes envy her stoicism. How I love her sharp wit and wicked sense of humor. How in awe I am of her intelligence. How proud I am of her.

It breaks my heart to think I could have lost her and she may not have known how I feel. It breaks my heart to think that I have had every day of her life to tell her, and I don’t. It strikes me to the core that I am her mother and can’t always protect her. I can only do my best and I can pray.

Please, tell your loved ones often, how you feel about them. We are not promised tomorrow.


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