Well, that’s encouraging….

How are you at encouraging others? What form of encouragement do you respond best to? Do you feel you give and receive enough encouragement?

I feel that encouragement is something that is sorely lacking in our world today. As a woman, it is no secret that women more often tear one another down, rather than encourage them. So many children don’t get the encouragment they need at crucial points in their young lives. Spouses fail to encourage each other, taking for granted that they are already aware of their support.

Encouraging others is something that I am trying to work on in my own life. I have not been a good encourager for many years. I have tended to be harsh and critical and trying to cover that in a cloak of support. I have always wished well for my family, and hoped for their success, but I have been negligent and frankly, terrible in expressing it.

Sadly, I seem to only respond well to negative encouragement. For instance, tonight, I was scheduled to run after weight lifting. Well, after lifting, I just did not want to run. I was in a mood…lol. Well, hubby came in and said something about me going to run. It wasn’t the soft and sweet kind of encouragement. It was more along the lines of “Get off your fat butt and go get it done!!” Okay, he didn’t really say that, but that’s how I heard what he said. And it worked. I got off my fat butt and got my run done. I know other people needs other types of encouragment.

I challenge you to figure out the kind of encouragement your loved ones respond best to, and use it liberally. Then, start lifting up the people outside your family. I believe that it would help to create a more pleasant environment in this troubled world.


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