Luck Has Nothing To Do With It…

There are some days that drive home just how lucky I really am. How good my life really is. Today is one of those days. Today is not really anything special. Yes, it’s Halloween. But Halloween is really just another day around here. Let me explain why it is one of those days…

When I woke up this morning and went to get out of bed, my husband put his arm around me tight and pulled me back against him. I love that. It is one of those actions that just makes me feel loved and secure. Then, after we slept for a little while, we woke up and had some intimate time. I love that, too…lol. We came downstairs and sat in companionable relative silence in the dining room, until the rest of the family began to get up. My kids are great. They are all funny and smart and gorgeous and all around fantastic. As a family, we spend a lot of time joking around and picking on each other. We went outside and raked up the ginormous amount of leaves and burned them. There’s not much better than the smells of fall. We both showered and while I was doing my hair and makeup, hubby laid on the bed talking to me and playing with my phone. I should have known something was up. When I got my phone back, he had changed my wallpaper to a half-naked, smoking hot picture that I had taken of him.

It was at that point that I thought about how lucky I am. Our marriage is far from perfect. It is, however, getting stronger every day as we learn to be open and honest and learn to better communicate our feelings and our needs. We have always loved each other, but we let our “selves” get in the way and we lost sight of that. We forgot how to put each other first. We were selfish. I am lucky that, even though someone else tried to take my place in his life, he loved me enough to see where he truly wanted to be. I am lucky that he has done a lot of introspection to figure out why he let it happen in the first place. He does his best to make me feel beautiful, loved, and wanted. We have been talking often about what we want for our future together. Traveling we would like to do, hobbies we would like to take up, new places and things we would like to try. We are looking forward to growing old together.

For all these things, I am lucky.


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