The Little Things

benchSometimes, comfort is found in the little things.  A little kiss, a rub of the back, a hug, a sweet word.  I love when my husband puts his hand on my leg when we are riding in the car.  When, while he’s just waking up and still sleepy, he tells me that mine is the beautiful face he wants to wake up to for the rest of his life.  It’s watching him talk and laugh and joke with his daughter and her husband while visiting her in the hospital.  It’s hearing him tell the kids some really bad dad jokes.  It’s sitting and watching him as he works out; watching his determination and the movement of his muscles.  It’s the way he hugs me to him when he’s sleeping.  It’s the way his voice changes just slightly when we are reminiscing about his grandparents.  The way he talks about when he first fell for me; the way he describes how he saw me.  It’s watching him play with our grandson.  This big, tall, strong man sitting on the floor making a fool of himself and being silly, just to make that baby laugh.  It’s the way he calls me “Mama” or “baby” when he talks to me.  The way he takes to heart, every message in church.

These things might not seem much to you, but they are the little things that make me fall more and more in love with him.  It’s so easy to see the “bad” things in people, especially your spouse.  You spend so much time with them and see all their annoying habits.  I would challenge you to look for the little things.  Look for the good things.  Be intentional about focusing on the good things, until the bad things move out of focus.  There is a reason you married this person in the first place.  Look for that.  Remember that.  I think you will find that they are still them, just a little different.  Embrace the different and love them.


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