Angry Lifting

I wrote about fat shaming myself not too long ago.  I figured I would update ya’ll.

I have continued to lose scale weight, which is good.  I have also continued to build strength and muscle, which is also good.  I still don’t like chicken, but it’s a means to an end.  I have also discovered that if I eat too much sriracha seasoning, I will pay for it.

hoistToday’s workout was difficult for me.  It was chest day.  On chest day, I do 3 different types of bench press.  I increased my weight on the flat bench, which is my first lift, so that was good.  My second life, the incline press….not so good.  I kept failing at pushing the weight I had prescribed myself.  I tried 2 different times to push that weight, but it just wouldn’t budge.  Boy, did that ever tick me off.  Well, for the next couple sets of that lift, I just figured, “Well, I increased my other weight, so maybe I’m just fatigued”.  But then, by the time I got to my third lift, the decline press, I was super mad at myself.  And given the week I have had, I was angry in general.  So I used that to push harder for my last lift.  I managed to increase that weight and probably could have pushed more.  Wow, is that a great way to use your anger.  Sometimes, you just have to find whatever motivation you can to dig deep and get it done.  And that’s what I did.  I channeled my anger into something positive.hoist


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